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Research Review
Your secret weapon in keeping up with the latest in training and nutrition research
At Flex Success, we’re huge advocates of an evidence-based approach to coaching. 

Contrary to what some would have you believe, this doesn’t mean just copy/pasting what studies say straight into a training or nutrition plan. Taking an evidence-based approach means taking into account all the available evidence, blending it with the art of coaching and delivering an individualised plan.

But to be fair, most people aren’t looking at all the evidence. 

Take a look at the pyramid below - it’s likely most of what you hear isn’t even on the list

Most of it is probably just anecdote from friends, family and media.
As you can see, the quality of evidence is highest with research studies. These provide incredible insights into the complex topic of the human organism. This is the only way we can even begin to control the thousands of variables that make up our complex biology.

The best way to achieve superior results is to deeply understand how those results come about.

That’s what this Research Review is all about.

The Flex Success Research Review shows you the science and physiology that lie at the core of physical development and growth.
Once you know these concepts, you’ll understand all the processes involved with training, nutrition and lifestyle.

You’ll get rock-solid confidence in how you train, being able to go outside the box to achieve real results and handle difficult situations without hesitation.

You’ll develop a BS detector that lets you sniff out “guru” garbage that sends you (and your gains) backwards.
You’ll keep up to date with the most current knowledge, so that you are following the best evidence-based protocols when it comes to training and nutrition.

Each week we hand-pick the most relevant research studies and analyse them to pick out the details that matter to your goals. Of course, we put this into context with a mixture of coaching experience and other research on the topic to give the most up to date practical recommendations that you can implement immediately for better results.

If you're a serious gym-goer who’s fed up with all the conflicting information out there, this is the perfect thing for you!

  •  One new review of current and past research uploaded to the member's area each fortnight.
  •  Detailed written reviews, breaking down studies into key points and practical takeaways.
  •  A video review once a month, where a Flex Success Coach discuss the research in depth. 
  •  Separate audio-only download of the video review, so you can listen whilst on the go. 
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What’s included with the research review?
Each Monday the member's area is updated. The first Monday with a new full text study PDF to give you a chance to read through yourself. The following Monday the detailed written review and audio introduction is made available. These summarize the studies and provide discussion on the practical takeaways, plus references to other relevant research on the topic.

Every second review is in video format where both our reviewers discuss the paper alongside a written summary.
Am I locked in or can I unsubscribe at any time?
There’s a minimum commitment of 12 weeks.
How will I be billed?
Billing is made every second Monday.
Who is this for?
Fitness enthusiasts, coaches, athletes and anyone who is done wasting time reading dozens of conflicting opinions on everything training and nutrition!
When and how do I receive the review?
We'll post the new issue of Flex Research Review on the membership website where you can also access the previous editions.
Do I get access to previous reviews when I sign up?
Each week, a previous edition is made available in the member's area in addition to the current release. The longer you subscribe, the more reviews become available.
How do I claim my first 30 days free?
It is automatic, simply sign up at the check out and you won't be charged for your first 30 days of your subscription.
First 30 Days are FREE